You Shall Be Happy

You Shall Be Happy

Achieve with Dr. C

October 2020

Ahhh…2020- NONE of this was on our vision board!
This year of the pandemic has forced us to recalibrate our life’s compass. Most of our basic assumptions and directions headed in life changed completely seemingly overnight and—without our input or consent. In our daily lives, too many of us want to return to what was over the discomfort of finding a new normal that makes us equally if not more happy.

We want to feel good, avoid whatever is hard. We’re disagreeable and see every confrontation of change as a threat to our egos, and life rather than an opportunity to learn. We pleasure seek and form habits that feel good now when we should be gravitating toward those sustainable and beneficial habits. We need to develop our happiness again… acquire new skills-and the will-to be happy again.

I’m thrilled to announce that this is the topic of my new book, YOU SHALL BE HAPPY. This ebook focuses on happiness increasing habits and suggestions that work well.
It launches in mid-October, with an ebook in my #achievewithDrC™ series released monthly until my book ” Rescued From Masculinity” is released in May…my ebooks are available for preorder now, my book will be available for preorder in March 2021.


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