Industrial Organizational and Positive Applied Psychology- Change Management - Organizational Behavior

International Speaker – Facilitator – Trainer – Coach – Writer

Hello, I am Dr. Cheryl Carr, Your Work Doctor.

As your Work Doctor, I observe, analyze, and interpret human behavior in professional environments using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to study individual and group performance, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being. By studying worker attitudes and behaviors, I am able to recommend or create improved hiring practices, training programs, feedback systems and management techniques to boost company performance. My knowledge and skills apply to almost any organization, including corporations, factories, nonprofits, government agencies, and the military. Fifteen years of experience has taught me that no two organizations/individuals have the same goals, problems or unique gift to share with the world, and to level up they need help that’s not only seasoned but seasoning. You call me and my team when:

  • You have a conference, retreat or mastermind and you need a keynote speaker that wows!
  • You want to pursue your next level, but you need big ideas and help getting focused.
  • You’ve installed it now you must adopt and utilize technology for all it’s worth.
  • Your high performing employees need a boost in their management + leadership skill development.
  • Things are just plain messy, team work is non-existent, and you need help to  pivot, make mutually beneficial choices, take chances and not only make changes—implement real and sustainable changes!

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